Sleepy Weim

Dicer – A dice rolling bot for Discord

Dicer is a bot I wrote while stuck in lockdown like most of the country. Just a fun project that I figured my gaming group could use. It has two main functions: dice rolling and initiative tracking. We play both White Wolf (d10) and D&D (d20) so it supports both success style rolling or summation style rolling.

For commands that take a value, examples are given to explain how the format for the command works. For commands that take a true or false value, the designation is shown in standard ‘true | false’ format.

Dice Rolling

!r | !roll
Either command will let you roll in a standard RPG format of ‘number of dice’ d ‘number of sides’. You can also add or subtract to the end of it. If you are doing standard D&D rolling, that will add or subtract to the total. If you are playing success style it will add or subtract from the total successes.

!r 3d10
!r 1d20+3
!roll 10d6

!success #
If you play a game where a die roll equals a success or failure, you need to know what number equals a success. Use this command to set the value for your game. For example, White Wolf standard success is 8.

!success 8
!success 4

!sum true | false
What I also call ‘d20 Mode’. If you want all your die rolls to be added together, set mode to false. If you want to count successes, set mode to true.

!success false — if you want to play a d20 based game
!success true — if you want to play a success based game like White Wolf or Shadowrun

!explode true | false
This will re-roll the die if you roll a critical success. If you want to disable the re-roll, you can set this value to false.

!compact true | false
Display the full embed version of the roll results, or display a simple one line text of the roll results.


Display the initiative table, current round, amount of time that has passed, and who’s turn it is.

!i #
Adds your username and the value of your initiative roll.

!i 4
!i 12

!i name #
Adds a name and the initiative value for that name. This lets you add another user’s value, or the DM to add NPCs to the initiative table.

!i Bob 14
!i Werewolf 5

!i next | !i n
Moves the initiative pointer to the next person in the cycle. If the round is just starting, then points to the person at the top of the round.

!i top | !i t
Moves the pointer to the top of the round, no matter what point in the round it is. Allows you to skip the players in the round, or not have to cycle through each character to reach the next round.

!i name remove | !i name r
Remove a character from the initiative table.

!i Bob remove
!i Werewolf r

!i clear
Completely clears all the entries from the initiative table. Mass removal.

!i round #
Sets the numbers of seconds that a round takes in your game system. For example, White Wolf is 3 seconds, and D&D is 60 seconds.

!i round 60

Displays all the settings configured for your server/guild.