Sleepy Weim

Python: Countdown Image

In this example of my script I have a Disney and a Christmas countdown to show you the differences between a customized and a plain countdown. Even my plain countdown has a font specified. As with my previous code, you need to have Pillow installed. For the custom fonts, I added a ‘fonts’ folder in my script folder, and added the files there. On my Mac, I can open ‘Font Book’, look at my fonts,

ActionTiles: Countdown Image

My wife and I are big fans of trips and going on various adventures. While I was looking for things I could do with ActionTiles, I realized writing a script that would calculate the countdown to our various trips would be fun and useful. As always, ActionTiles needs anything you want to load in a media tile to be an image, so I had to look into how I could create a new image, write

Python: Fetch Weather for ActionTiles

So, this is pulling together the other two scripts I wrote (download and crop images). Really, this is just for you to see the iterations of what I did before I got here. I could have just jumped you straight to here, but it helps to see the individual components before getting more complicated in a single script. The standard walk before you run. This script takes the download script, the crop script, and then