Sleepy Weim

Python: Picture Tiles that Change

If you jumped straight here, I get it. This code is for randomly selecting a photo from a directory, and saving it to a predefined location and filename. Very sexy, of course, so you couldn’t wait to get here and start running with it! Feel free to play with the code, break things, and then go back and read the main page where I explain why I do certain things. 😉 There are four main

ActionTiles: Picture Tiles that Change

One of the big things I was excited to do with ActionTiles was display photos. I have a huge folder of thousands of pictures organized on my local Synology that I also sync to Google Drive. Unfortunately, the options for trying to show rotating photos in ActionTiles was lacking (no offense guys!). After playing around with ActionTiles itself for a bit, I realized I could have a Media Tile with a URL that points at